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Based on: Stock 1951 Ford Victoria

Engine: Crate Boss 302

Horsepower: 444 HP

Suspension: IFS & Ford 9


THIS PROJECT IS FOR SALE!!!!! Call for details (503 665 2222) Arriving at the shop was a “backyard” restoration on a 1951 Ford Victoria. This car is destined to be changed into a road worthy long distance cruiser, a “show & go”. It has had a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria roof installed on the top. It is currently in the installation process with a 1953 Ford windshield and a 1954 Ford dash. It has a Morrison chassis and a crate Boss 302 with a 6 speed Tremec. The body has been off the frame and the body and all sheet metal have been dipped to get rid of paint, primer, and any fillers that it has. All necessary metal work will be completed before it goes back onto the powder coated Morrison chassis. Custom wheels and tires have been selected and installed. The interior will be all custom and is intended to be done in leather with all the “creature comforts” of a modern cruiser and many of the 1955 Crown Vic trim pieces will be incorporated into the interior design. At the stage it is in now a lot of the “new owner” ideas and tastes can be included in the completion of the final build.