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Posted on Saturday, January 21st, 2012 at 17:27

This is very high quality, “show quality”, custom hand made luggage for your hot rod, street rod, or custom car. The cases can be configured any way that you desire, one case, two cases, three cases, however many that you want. The interiors can be configured with seperate sections or other variantions that you may require. They can be done in the leather or fabric of your cars interior or another fabric or color if you prefer. These cases are “totally” hand made and custom so price depends on your specifications but you can expect the prices to start at $4,500.00 for a set. The most important thing is that you give us a very detailed measurement paramater to build these cases to. When we build them to your specifications they are yours. So if they do not fit with the trunk closed it is due to a measuring oversight or configuration on your part. There is a possibility of a selection of latches and handles. We also offer these luggage cases for antique and classic cars. Please email with your inquiry and questions before ordering. For more pictures go into our “online store”, then into “SAR accessories”, then click on “Custom Made Hot Rod Luggage”.

Custom Made Hot Rod Luggage at Online Store