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Posted on Monday, April 24th, 2017 at 14:36

We took two cars for display to this past 2017 Detroit Autorama. One was a 1957 Corvette owned by Don Habben, which was debuted at the 2017 Grand National Roadster Show and the other was the “one-off” aluminum “Renaissance Roadster” owned by Nancy & Buddy Jordan of Springbranch Texas which was debuted in Detroit. The entire body and top are hand fabricated out of aluminum. All of the trim is made out of brass or steel, then plated. The entire chassis is constructed from “one-off” tubular framework with all suspension and drive components machined out of billet aluminum and then chrome plated. Headlights and tail light are “one-off” hand made items also. The entire steering wheel and column was designed by David Brost and also machined from billet then plated to add to a Brost designed interior cockpit with Classic Instruments gauges. David was also involved in the design of the wheels and backing plates and all of the suspension components as well as details in the engine compartment. The original exterior body design was penned by Chris Ito. A special thanks to Sherm’s Plating and Advanced Plating for providing support on the bright work end of the creation. The “RR” was first announced to be in the “Great 8” field and then at the Autorama awards ceremony it was announced that it won the prestigious “Ridler Award”. I want to thank Buddy for allowing us to build this creation for him and for allowing us to debut it in Detroit. This car and this award are the highlights of my career and a highlight for Steve’s Auto Restorations and its talented crew.