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This is the only remaining SAR reproduction steel 1934 3 Window Coupe body still available anywhere. It is untouched and unchopped and has been in storage since it was purchased. It is “as purchased” with the firewall, dash and glove box door, all window moldings, cowl vent, doors hinged and latched, trunk lid hinged, and all of the interior wood installed. This is exactly how they were sold when the run of 3W Coupe bodies were being produced. The economic recession took the project down and there will never be any more 1934 3 W Coupe bodies manufactured in steel again. This is your only chance to obtain one of these bodies that has been described over and over again as “the best reproduction steel body of any body style ever produced in the aftermarket marketplace”. All dimensions on the body are exact duplications of the 1934 Ford 3W Coupe that Henry Ford built. Compare the price to purchasing a doctored up original for $50K plus and having to take it apart only to find all of the shoddy repairs and the lack of restoration workmanship which will cost a small fortune to repair correctly. Not to mention the headache of getting rid of the unwanted and unused parts left over. Purchase this body and move forward from day #1.

This body is from the same manufacturing run that George Poteet had his last ’34 3W Coupe built from. It is the orange Coupe on the front cover of The Rodder’s Journal #62 along with an article inside, and on the cover of the February Goodguys Goodtime Gazette, also with an article inside. The body was also featured on the cover and in a detailed article in The Rodder’s Journal #42.

This one only body is priced at $35,000.00. Email (steve@realsteel.com) or call (503 665 2222) for more information.

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