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Based on: 1939 COE cab & a 1938 Ford truck cab marriage

Engine: Electric

Horsepower: 500 electrified ponies HP

Suspension: Stock Ford 650 suspension


This is an interesting request for turning  two COE’s and one 1938 Pick-up grafted into a Crew Cab COE that is almost 4 feet longer and exactly 20″ wider to fit on a Ford F-650 chassis. All that SAR is doing is all of the metal fabrication and alteration and priming. The cabs then go to southern California for completion into an electrified functional vehicle. This COE will be powered by a 500hp/800ft-lbs Electric motor, with a custom two-speed transmission and 180kwh of Lithium-ion batteries. It will be able to fully recharge from empty in 30 minutes using DC quick-charge, or four hours using 220V AC. The cost of the electricity for a full charge will be about $21, less than an eighth what it would cost to fuel a diesel truck of similar size. This COE is the largest and most heavily-modified of a series of trucks we have performed the metal work on for a company called EcoTruc. All of the trucks are showpieces and prototypes for EcoTruc, which is building electric trucks for the utility and municipal fleet market. This truck will be used as a show vehicle, but also a functional on-the-road technology demonstrator. It will also serve as the tractor for EcoTruc’s vehicle transporter with trailer that will take the other trucks to shows and their 1934 Ford electric race car to Bonneville and El Mirage. The race car will be powered by the same motors as this truck, with radically different gearing, aiming to go three times as fast!!

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