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Frequently Asked Questions


A selection of our most common inquiries with with accompanying answers may have the information you seek.  Look below for additional general  information regarding Steve's Auto Restorations. 

How Long Does a Build Take?

Many circumstances effect the length of a build. The scope of the restoration or build being a large one. If it is a concourse restoration the sourcing of unique and rare parts can be a discerning factor when considering the timeline.  Customization and complete fabrication of one off parts takes extra time along with consideration into engineering aspects of functionality. Processes may include machining, casting , 3d printing etc.

Will the 33/34 roadster quarter panels fit my coupe body?

Yes, BUT will require some modifications. You will need to shorten the quarter
panel between the B-pillar and wheel well.

Will your 33/34 deck lid fit my fiberglass car?

Our 33/34 deck lid is patterned after an original and made to fit an original
body. Because of various tolerance differences among the various different fiberglass bodies, we are not able to guarantee that our deck lid will fit your fiberglass body.

Can I install rubber covers to S.A.R.’s smoothie running boards?

No, Our 33/34 smoothie running boards do not have proper clearance needed
to fit the aftermarket rubber covers.

What is S.A.R.’s labor rate?

Currently our labor rate is $105.00/hour.

What is the cost of a restoration?

It varies greatly with the depth of the project. Some factors include the starting  condition of the vehicle, depth of customization /redesign, drivetrain\ suspension selection and the parts market and availability. There is no limit to the customization available at Steve's Auto Restorations and many of our award winning builds are open checkbook to reach the highest echelon of craftsmanship and design.

Do your 33/34 fenders fit a sedan?

The front fenders will fit any coupe, roadster, cabriolet or sedan. The rear
fenders will need to be narrowed to fit the wider rear section of a sedan body.

What are the dimensions of your deck lid?

Top to bottom = 32 5/16”
Side to side (top edge) = 38 3/8”
Side to side (lower edge) = 38”

Do S.A.R. parts ship primed or bare metal?

Most of our parts will ship in bare metal. 33/34 fenders and gas tank apron will
ship with a black EDP protective coating.


Still looking for answers?

Reach out to us today to inquire about your specific build and we would be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to speaking with you and turning you automotive dreams into reality-


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