Chris Ito, a graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design, is responsible for penning some of the most influential cars to be built under the SAR roof. By the age of ten the Oregon native was enrolled in community college art and oil painting classes, and he began his first Hot Rod project, a ’40 Ford Pickup, at the age of fifteen. His passion for cars and art led him to pursue training at Art Center College of Design in hopes of realizing a career designing specialty vehicles and concept cars. Shortly after graduation Chris was hired by specialty car manufacturer ASC Inc., and then won a new Ford Mustang convertible as the grand prize in “The Design Your Vision of the Next Generation Mustang” contest in 1992. Steve and Chris were introduced in the late 90’s by a mutual friend, and soon discovered they shared a vision to create an elegant and contemporary 1933 Ford Roadster to pursue the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster trophy. Their first collaboration resulted in the cutting-edge Double Dozen Roadster, and was soon followed by the revolutionary ’55 Chevy NewMad. Chris and Steve will undoubtedly carry on their winning ways with their latest collaboration, the ’33 Dodge Ram Rod.