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Wayne Roman Column Gas Pump

Another specialty of Steve's Auto Restorations is the restoration of vintage gas pumps. We have restored numerous gas pumps for collectors and automotive enthusiasts.  We take these utilitarian objects found in a state of decay and breathe new life into them. Taking our restoration knowledge from being in business for over 47 years, we restore these gas pumps above and beyond their original glory by accentuating design lines, color ques from the globes of choice and aesthetics from the era.  

Encompassing traditional techniques and modern materials with the same superior craftsmanship that we put into our hot rods, custom cars, concept cars, antique and classic cars we bring these relics into the present and out of the past. Due to the same level of craftsmanship that is represented in our automotive builds being applied to our gas pump restorations the outcome can be expensive. We are not providing “rattle can restorations” that typically show up at swap meets. By incorporating pearlescent finishes, pinstriping, 23k gold leafing, silver leafing, fresh chrome or brass plating (which can be substituted with 24 carat gold plating upon request) with period specific hardware these illuminated art objects are a perfect accent to adorn your home, car collection, man cave, den, or automotive business.

Over the years we have developed contacts for glass cylinders for the cylinder pumps, reproduction globes and other reproduction parts from a wide variety of vintage gas pump component suppliers. Original globes can be sourced also, but they can get to be very expensive to obtain. We have reproduced several parts for the Wayne “Roman Column” pumps which we can do for other pump manufacturers but an original part is necessary to scan and develop a wax image for the 'lost wax' casting process. When a client sends us their unrestored pump for restoration it is imperative to have a complete pump to start with. Contact us today about starting your gas pump restoration for your home, garage or business.​

Gas Pump Restorations

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Wayne Roman Column Gas Pump Restoration. Crown Silver.

'Roman Column'
Gas Pumps

The “Holy Grail” of Vintage Gas Pumps

The Wayne manufactured model 492 Roman (Greek) Column gas pump. In 1923 the designers and engineers at the Wayne Tank and Pump Company introduced a new style of visible gas pump known as the 490 and was described as "Wayne’s newest, America’s finest and the world’s most beautiful visible pump." 


Today the Wayne 490 is one of the rarest, most sought after gasoline pumps in the US. Only a very small number of these visible pumps were produced between 1923 and 1924

Wayne Roman Column Gas Pump Restoration. Fighting Cock.


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