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We received this Lincoln Club Coupe into the shop on October 24th 2023. We are excited to share this build with you in real time as we are tearing it down and following the build process throughout the project from start to finish. Unique parameters have afforded us the ability to bring you this presentation of our work. This build is one of few projects in the shop that we can share freely.  Many of our builds are kept under wraps with no public photography allowed for the protection of our intellectual property, custom designs and innovations. Typically not until the project is completed and we have had the maiden reveal in person do we share a build of this caliber.


Check back with us weekly for progress gallery updates as we will continue to make strides with this custom build. Depending on what stage of the process we are in it will showcase all of our work done in house starting from the teardown, into design elements, custom modifications, metal panel fabrication, body work and paint and final assembly.


We have been challenged with completing this build within a strict time frame. 365 days is our target goal and we aim to deliver. Join us as we countdown to the finish line. The most recent updates are shown first. To view the build progression from the beginning, starting with delivery and initial teardown, start here with our first page of galleries and work your way backwards.

Video Highlights

1948 Lincoln Club Coupe 

1948 Lincoln Club Coupe

365 Days




Most Recent Galleries Below

Trunk and Fenders

Fender matching continues. Trunk hinges hidden. Window regulator work begins. Steering column mocked up.



Rear lower Valance

Below trunk area fabricated in relation to the new body lines. Master cylinder and dash structure work begins