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1933 Renaissance Roadster

Built by hand this is an example of 21st Century coachbuilding at it's finest.

This rolling example of coach built artistry was hand crafted by the talented crew at Steve's Auto Restorations. Appropriately christened as the Renaissance Roadster, this hand formed all aluminum creation was designed by the collective efforts of Steve Frisbie, Chris Ito and David Brost. The unique tubular chassis was designed and built by S.A.R. using chrome plated, one-off machined suspension components. Other one-off components include wheels, backing plates, steering wheel, headlights, taillights and pedal assembly. An aluminum 427 graces the engine bay and features machined aluminum valve covers, oil pan, transmission pan and custom "tri-power" fuel injection. This is 21st century coach building at its finest.

SAR Logo PNG.png

Steve's Auto Restorations


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